About me

I’m in the last year of the Design Bachelor in Visual Communication at the University of the Arts in Zurich. After two years of study I had a one semester break where I did an internship in a bookbindery, and after that a semester abroad at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland.

I love working with my hands, creating things in the analog way (e.g. printing with letterpress or screen printing). My passions lays in Editorial and Typography. I also like working in an more logical and technical way like with coding html and css. Even though I am just at the beginning of learning to work with these tools, I’m having a great fun learning and discovering the possibilities with coding and web developing. I feel that it is very important not to forget the old rules and ways how to work with layout, typography and co. and being able to combine this two worlds, creating new ways of working and design thinking.

My design Mantra is: Creating creates creativity! Therefore I started my instagram account rahelbuworkinprogress. It is a reminder to myself to draw more, try out new things, not being scared of failure. It is more about fast doodles or photos of my work during the process. It should help me explore new things, being creative in my free time and hopefully seeing a my own personal progress after some time.