Glaube und Wirklichkeit

Jan Tschichold, a great German typographer, once wrote an article about typography, as a response to an attack of Max Bill. In the article he writes about how to use typography correctly in its different applications. He also expresses six rules how to use it:

1. A minimum of typefaces.
2. A minimum of type sizes.
3. Do not letterspace.
4. Mark up with cursive or semi bold of the same typeface.
5. Capital letters only in exceptional cases; always space out and kern carefully.
6. Build groups; not more than three groups.

We had to edit the text for a six paged special edition, mine was for the Novum magazine.
It was a purely typographical exercise, in which we weren’t aloud to add anything else to the text. My concept was to break this system. I placed on every page one of the six rules and did exact the opposite of what the rule is saying. That’s why the pages can seem a bit odd, especially to an untrained eye. That‘s also why I kept the typographical grid very strict.