Langnau Jazz Nights

In a two week long workshop we had the opportunity to design a poster for the „Langnau Jazz Nights“, a Jazz Festival near Bern, Switzerland. We did not start to plan the poster right away. First we created images, collages, imageries and so on. Most of them were analogue. It showed me a new way of working, not worrying about the end product to much and just creating to get into a design flow. It helped to get new ideas how the poster could look like. It was a step-by-step kind of designing. I soon realized I wanted to work with photography instead of creating the whole design on my computer, so I started with some different Ideas. I tried out painting UV-colors on human bodies. In the end I drew the typography – set in Helvetica rounded – on the backs of three different persons who were standing next to each other (as if they were on a concert). The purpose of that image was that I wanted to transmit the atmosphere and vibe on such an occasion as a festival. We did not know the rest of the information like who is playing at that time. Otherwise I would have tried to implement it in the picture itself.