In a four week layout-course we had to redesign an existing book. A classic or a political/philosophical text. I went for Inferno, the first part of Dante’s Divine Comedy. A classic. It is the story of Dante’s way through hell. The hell has the form of a funnel and is divided in nine circles. The deeper it goes the harder is the punishment. As Dante descends on to another circle, the layout is shrinking down. On the borders you can see in which circle he is. The names of the sinners are put in capitals. In the end of the book I put an overview of all the sinners and in which circle they are. You can also see in which chapter he or her occurs. The chapter are called „canti“ which means lyric poem. There are 33+1. The first counts as an introduction. The number three – which stands for trinity – was very popular at the time of Dante. He played a lot with it. I tried to work with this number (measurements, tabulator, etc.) as much as I could. The cover is the inscription of hells port. It is the starting three tercets of the third „canto“, where Dante enters hell. On the back cover is a tercet from the following part „Purgatorio“. It is all set in the Original language. For the main typeface I chose Rotis semiserif, it is a hybrid font and gives the text a certain modernity without losing its ancient touch. The column is set towards the mid. With the reinforcement of the gradient, it should remind on funnel shape of hell as it goes deeper down.