This was a project of two different courses, the first one was photography. With the photos we took we had to create an editorial in the second course. The main theme was sport. I immediately thought of my friend Edwin, who is playing wheel chair rugby. In the photography part I worked together with my classmate Marina, as it was much easier to take many photos from different angles during the game. It was a lot of fun taking them and watching as they were playing. It is a quite rough sport. We did not see anything like that before. We entered a new world. We interviewed Edwin on why he was in a wheelchair and how he started paying this sport. In the second course I worked alone. The main focus were the photos. For the typography I created two layers. One with the rules of the game, which i put in capitals and in big lines over the pages, as a metaphor to the lines on the hall floor. The other with the story of Edwin. The editorial starts and ends with him. It is kind of a zoom from him to the game and back to him. For the typeface I used Syntax. The angular shaped endings of the font reminded me of the rough features of the special wheelchairs they use for the game.